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WSC Policies WSC Policies

Game Cancelation Policy

From time to time the WSC will be required to cancel games, should this occur the club will notify your coach, who will in turn notify you as quickly as possible. However, there are times when cancelations are determined only after players have already arrived at the field.

Please be aware that soccer games are played in all types of weather, and temperatures including cold and rain.

Games are only canceled when:
There is continuing lightning/thunder.
The field is too muddy or otherwise unplayable.
The rain is too heavy.

In the case of thunder and or lightning, coaches and referees are instructed to take players off the field at the first sign of lightning and to keep them off for at least 30 minutes since the last sound of thunder or lightning strike.

Please do not assume a game is cancelled until you have heard from your coach.

Uniform Policy

All players are to wear the league provided uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) while playing in a Willowick Soccer Club game.

Soccer Cleats and Shin Guards are to be worn during all games and practices.

Players are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry during games and practices.  Earrings have to be removed or covered.  If a player is found to be wearing jewelry, they will be removed from game/practice.

Code of Conduct

City of Willowick Recreation Department Youth Sport Leagues

The Recreation Department and our youth leagues count on you for your support with sportsmanship. As administrators, coaches, players, and parents, our behavior must reflect positively on our city and youth sport leagues. Please read through the following guidelines and keep in mind the best interests of our children.
● Encourage child, players, and teammates to play by the rules.
● Never embarrass our youth leagues by verbally abusing/insulting players, coaches, parents, league officials, or umpires/officials.
● Always show a positive attitude towards the game and all of its participants, all children will benefit.
● Applaud all effort in victory and in defeat.
● Never yell or physically abuse any child at games or practice.
● Treat all players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect.
● Remember that youth sports are for children and not adults.
● The emotional and Physical well being of the children is more important than the adults desire to win.
● Demand a drug, alcohol, and tobacco ­free sports environment and agree to assist by refraining from their use at our youth events.

All players, parents, and coaches/assistants are to abide by the Code of Conduct that has been signed. The parent's signature will include both parents and/or guardians of the player at game and practice time. A player will not be able to participate until code of conduct is completed with all required signatures.

Any disregard to this Code of Conduct will be dealt with immediately by the Willowick Soccer Club Board and is grounds for immediate dismissal. There is no three strike rule. The board members from Willowick Soccer Club will review the incident in a timely manner, and a final decision will be rendered by the Willowick Soccer Club Board. Once the Board has made a majority ruling on the matter the decision is final. The consequences of this incident will be kept on file and follow the individual from league to league.

Goal Safety

Goal Safety Policy
Safety is the first priority in all activities sponsored by Willowick Soccer Club. The following policy has been adopted by the Board of the Willowick Soccer Club (hereinafter “WSC”) in an effort to establish and clarify the requirements for the safe installation, use and storage of soccer goals in all WSC activities.

1. The following are WSC requirements for all programs and every activity:
a. The coaches for each game/activity will make a physical inspection of each goal prior to the game/activity to assure that said goals are securely anchored in accordance with Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) guidelines/manufacturer’s guidelines.
b. The coaches for the last game of the day will make sure that the goals are safely stored in accordance with the CPSC guidelines/manufacturer’s guidelines if the goals are to be removed.
c. Each year WSC coaches or personnel must inform all parents and/or guardians about the dangers of unsecured goals, the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to keep children away from goals, and the need for parents/guardians to report unsafe goals to a coach if necessary.
d. Goals that are not securely anchored must be brought into compliance with the CPSC guidelines/manufacturer’s guidelines before use.

2. To reach this end, all coaches will receive a copy of the CPSC guidelines, and clear instructions for the safe and secure installation of goals.

3. Coaches will inform team parents and remind their players of the following safety restrictions:
a. Goals may only be moved by adults who have reviewed the CPSC guidelines
b. No child (player, sibling or other attendee) may climb or hang from a goal
c. Playing around, on or under goals, except as a legitimate part of an WSC ­sponsored activity, is prohibited.

At the coach’s discretion, players violating this rule may be penalized and required to sit out for half or an entire game. Players consistently violating the goal safety rules may be subject to a disciplinary hearing before the WSC Board.

4. The WSC Board will conduct random site surveys to certify compliance with policy.

CPSC Guidelines for moveable Goal Safety

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